Town is getting smaller all the time

It's time all of council grew up and got down to business in Qualicum Beach

Re your article concerning the squabble between the mayor of Qualicum Beach and the new council members, it seems that seeing these articles in the local newspaper is making a silly situation look much worse.

We have a good, experienced council now and a mayor who has been in the community for many years. They all have to adapt to working with each other.

It is making a laughing stock of the town of Qualicum Beach, and is making our mayor look very foolish.

That old saying that used to be on the town trucks:  “Qualicum Beach — Vancouver Island’s Best Kept Secret”  is proving that QB is definitely not a secret any more. Now we really do look like a small town that’s getting smaller all the time.

Let’s all grow up and get to the business of running a town.

A. Catherine Proctor


Qualicum Beach