Town not helping

Businesses are closing left and right, so what's council doing about it?

I have kept silent on this for as long as I can.

Why is it that when so many businesses in Qualicum Beach are struggling, that our town council is not doing everything in its power to try and help?

At last count, we had 14 businesses for sale, six temporarily closed, one closure pending, three have closed permanently and there are numerous empty storefronts.

The town has supported Fire and Ice to the tune of approximately $12,000 and Fathers Day Show and Shine at an even higher expense.

I wonder why the town is so opposed to helping the local merchants out by not even seconding Bill Luchtmeijer’s motion to discuss “solutions to the problems” with Veronica Von Conruhds.

The Kris Kringle Craft Market has brought tens of thousands to visit our community over the years.

Although they may not always shop at the businesses when attending the craft market, it promotes awareness of our town and also brings a lot of business back to the local shops, motels and restaurants at later dates.

The town is letting the merchants and residents down by not even discussing their options.

I have been in business in Qualicum Beach for 18 years now and love this town, but if council isn’t willing to help, our community will see more businesses fail and we will lose even more of the qualities that residents and visitors alike have enjoyed.

Maureen Groves


Qualicum Beach