Trump preoccupation

Re: the Question of the Week in the The NEWS and the Views in the News responses, Jan. 3

Re: the Question of the Week in the The NEWS and the Views in the News responses, Jan. 3. What is this ridiculous preoccupation by the Canadian media in all things dealing with Donald Trump?  This is evidenced in the recent NEWS Question of the Week and Views in The News from the Jan. 3 edition.

The questions asked were: “Do you believe your day-to-day life on Vancouver Island will change after the inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. president” and “What was the biggest news story to you of 2016?”

Two residents stated the U.S. elections as the biggest news story and the answer to the weekly question will be published at some future date. We hold our breath in anticipation of the answer.

Of what possible relevance is this to Parksville Qualicum Beach? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for this very competent, community-based mid-Island newspaper to report on the impact that increased MSP premiums will have on seniors, or the 14 cents a litre jump in gasoline prices on Jan. 3, or increased BC Ferries and BC Hydro rates, than a question about quite possibly the worst and least qualified of two unworthy candidates to ever be nominated and then elected as the U.S. president in modern times?

What about the federal Liberals intransigent position on health-care funding and imposing a non-negotiable carbon tax, or what little impact the mindless slaughter of hundreds of Canada Geese ordered by Parksville city council using taxpayer dollars had, or the increase in homelessness, as worthwhile topics for continued reporting?

There are hundreds of meaningful community-based topics for The NEWS to provide commentary on rather than what impact the soon-to-be-sworn-in president of the U.S might have to local residents. We have enough of our own problems with Canadian federal/provincial/municipal politicians and their unrealistic sense of personal entitlements.

Politicians have lost touch with the people and the growing disillusionment of voters as evidenced by the US election, Brexit and the continuous turmoil by ultra right wing political parties in Europe.

Mickey Donnelly