Very few attended

It's great that Parksville council gave residents a chance to have their say. Too bad they didn't use it

I would like to thank our mayor, council and city staff for opening the budget deliberation meetings to the public and allowing us to have input and listening to our concerns.

My wife and I attended three of the four meetings and were surprised by the lack of attendance by Parksville residents.

We thank council for being open to suggestions and for working so hard to maintain present services and for  keeping restraint in mind by keeping tax increases to a minimum.

When hearing people complain about tax, water and sewer rate increases and where people think council waste our tax dollars, we expected to see more people attend these meetings. There were four opportunities to attend these meetings, two in the morning and two in the evening to accommodate people that work during the day.

It appears a lot or Parksville residents and business owners just can’t be bothered.

Remember this fact when the tax increase or service cuts come along and don’t complain.

Thanks again to council and staff. There were some tough decisions to make, which they did after much deliberation.

Frank Leach