Vinegar needed

Adrian Dix made a fatal error when he campaigned as Mr. Nice Guy

Since negative comments about the NDP campaign can’t do any damage now, I feel compelled to point out that the Adrian Dix NDP campaign was fought on the same field and with the same rules as those set by the Liberals.

In the end, the two parties were sounding more and more alike, each committed to the holy grail of economic development and some vaguely promised future jobs that go with it.

If only the NDP had put some vinegar in their campaign instead of that wishy-washy “Change, one practical step at a time.” If they had gone back beyond the slippery policies of the Glen Clark regime — where Dix cut his political teeth — all the way to the Barrett regime, they would have put forth some real change like: Hansard and Question Period, Agricultural Land Reserve, ICBC, Community Resource Boards, progressive and democratic labour relations changes, funded day care, no tankers — all things that progressive citizens stand for.

Also, if John Horgan and Dix had listened to their own supporters, they would have spoken out on Kinder Morgan at the same time as they did on Northern Gateway, avoiding the needless flip-flop charge.

John Olsen