Vote yes and we can kill this HST

The provincial government is not to be trusted on this

So some people actually like the HST?  

Some of us do not like paying an extra seven per cent on everything, such as: restaurant meals, basic cable, heating, telephone, home repairs and renovations, domestic airline tickets, movie and sports tickets, haircuts, gym memberships, realtor fees, new homes over $525,000, vitamins, home inspections & appraisals, non-prescription drugs, health foods, massage therapy, taxi fares, parking, accountants, financial services, veterinarian, newspapers and some groceries and more.  

You have more money than a lot of us if you like paying extra. 

And you must also have a lot more faith in the people in Victoria who say that the tax would be lowered!  

Eliminate it in the referendum and vote yes!

Verna Marshall