Was James serious?

Surely in this troubled day and age there's more to think about than vitamins

After reading James Lunney’s diatribe on health care costs and one of his solutions is for a Vitamin D Day, (The News, Oct. 4)  I found it difficult to not fall out of my chair.

We have drug and medical equipment costs soaring through the roof and this is the best he can come up with?

There is nothing from the federal government and its health minister to develop a national purchasing plan for drugs and medical supplies.

This would reduce costing nationwide by billions of dollars. There is no plan to improve our methodology for minimizing risk from foreign imports of tainted food.

Sunlight is the best supplier of vitamin D and it is free.  The simple act of children playing outside fulfills the vitamin D and exercise requirement for good health.

It is time we, the public, demand something better than a Vitamin D Day, maybe a government that allows more free votes and less party constraints with consequences should those entrusted to represent us fail to fulfill their mandate.

Maybe, just maybe, I have it all wrong and this Vitamin D Day will give our elected politicians the guts to actually improve our national health costing, get us out of the F-35 fiasco, take care of our fresh water for the future, and even allow the earth to survive in this rush to the bottom line.

Bob Tritschler