We can impact gas prices

People just have to be willing to take a stand for a while

I would like to respond to your letters to the editor regarding gas prices.

Yes we all do watch the prices. We all know that Courtney is much cheaper than Parksville and also Duncan is cheaper.

The price fluctuation is not due to shipping at all. It is a mater of what we are willing to pay to enjoy the luxury of our automobiles.

Our government will not interfere with it because they have the bucks to fight. There are regulations on hydro, also on natural gas prices, but strangely enough there is not on gasoline prices, even though there is a law against price fixing.

Then, as a good measure, the gasoline companies are responsible for the escalation of prices, thereby responsible for the high escalation of the country’s inflation — still the government does nothing, but that is probably because large portions of the gas prices are taxes.

If we really wanted to, we could get control of gasoline prices and bring it down. All we need is a rotating boycott of stations. Sooner or later, they would all come down. We just need the media to assist and this idea would spread through the country.

G. Bagi