What about the planet?

Federal government doesn't even pay lip service to the environment

Although I have no connection to the medical fraternity, I nevertheless support an organization called Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.

A recent letter from that organization included the following paragraph: “Since taking office in 2006, the Harper government has come under fire by concerned Canadians for not doing enough to protect our environment. In fact, the Harper majority government is the greatest threat to Canada’s environment and the health of Canadians in decades — maybe even in our life time. Despite Canadians citing the environmental crisis as one of their biggest concerns, no government has been more anti-environment.”

Further on, the letter emphasizes that: “Now more than ever, we need to push Prime Minister Harper to take a leadership role on environmental protection.”

I hope your readers concur and will make their views known to the government.

P.W. Roberton


Qualicum Beach