Who calls the shots?

Development goes against a longstanding official community plan

Re: Editor John Harding’s editorial in the Thursday, April 18 edition of The NEWS.

Yes, we all have to live under the direction of authority as you stated.

However, if a developer comes to town and proposes to do things that are against a long-standing OCP, as has happened out here in Deep Bay, does the RDN have a right to re-write our community plan, that we spent two years making, to accommodate a high-density urban strata titled development that will double our current population?

It raises many questions about democracy and other important issues like water sources, under where this developer plans on putting not a treatment plant, but sewage lagoons.

We currently drink that water. How can one developer have the power to influence the board of RDN to change what we 600 people of Deep Bay have stated we do not want to happen?

Len Walker


Deep Bay