Why blame the unions?

I am not sure why we as the public blame the unions and their workers for high costs.

I am not sure why we as the public blame the unions and their workers for high costs.

We all think we work harder than the other person and feel that it’s unfair that union workers get a high rate, but what is not fair is that non-union workers don’t get the same benefits.

When elections and contracts are up, the papers start printing articles on the high cost and how union workers make these outrages wages but they always seem to print the highest amounts, which is usually a supervisor position, not the low guys that do the physical work.

What we need to do is stop some government employees from getting at least four times what I make in a year as a union worker, and these outrageous benefits.

There is also no reason when traveling they can’t stay in a cheap motel and eat at inexpensive eateries. And they should be made to work more than four years in order to get a pension.

We also need to stop them from wasting money and a perfect example is this Oceanside Health Centre (OHC) and its urgent care centre that you either can’t get into or has a four-hour wait. The OHC also has meeting rooms with big-screen televisions that are used once in a blue moon and a lab that doesn’t have enough room for people to sit and no privacy when you’re getting blood work done.

What should have been done is make use of a facility that was already built and only needed minor changes, then they could have built another care facility which our area desperately needs.

Anytime there is a project like that, and it is over a certain amount of money, we should vote, after all it is our money.

We all deserve a decent wage and not have to spend all our money on just the basic costs like outrageous hydro and cable. I think we all should look at the government and their wages, benefits and wasteful ways and not blame unions — they are there to give workers fair wages and benefits that we all deserve.

Shawnarae Ford