Why bomb Libya

The reasons we are given do not hold water

Why and how has it been determined that a band of rebels should be the legitimate government of Libya?

Has Gadaffi trained Al-Quada troops? Are the women in Libya mistreated? Were the citizens of Libya persecuted and starving in the streets? According to UN reports none of the above were reasons to attack Libya.

 Apparently, the excuse given for the attack involving all the might of the richest countries in the world against a country with a population of 7,000,000 was that Libyan forces attacked some rebels.

During the depression in the 1930s the RCMP killed a demonstrator in Regina and severely injured dozens. Fortunately, for the government at that time the U.S. didn’t decide to attack us.

 Could it be that the real reason for the attack on Libya has to do with the fact that Libya along with the former government of Egypt and some other Middle Eastern countries were attempting to start a bank which wouldn’t use the U.S. dollar or require the services of the IMF? I suppose another coincidence is that Saddam refused to accept American dollars for oil and we all know what happened to him and Iraq. The fact that Libya has lots of oil is also irrelevant, I’m sure.

 Isn’t this really all about trying to protect the U.S. fiat currency? A currency which is backed by nothing but the military might of the U.S. and requires the subservience and slavery of the entire world?

J. Paterson