Why forgotten?

Victoria—Letter to the Editor, Feb. 19. The real man behind the goats on the roof.

Kristian Graaten bought some land in the middle of nowhere way back when and built a very beautiful house for his large family. There was a large playroom landing upstairs with all of their bedrooms leading off it.

In front of the house he built a large barn stocking it with produce and small, interesting and inexpensive items he found from all over the world but he had to find a way of attracting passing motorists to make them stop and come in. He told us how he had the idea of putting goats on the roof to attract their attention. It worked like a charm and the town of Coombs was born.

The kids grew up and his wife very sadly passed away, but Graaten continued living there, renting out the many bedrooms as a small hotel. We stayed there every chance we got and loved every minute of it.

On a recent visit it broke my heart to see that wonderful house has disappeared, and I was very disappointed to find that there is not one marker, plaque or mention anywhere of the man who started it all. It stunned me that not even those who work there have ever even heard of Kristian Graaten!

Doreen Langmead





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