Willie has it wrong

It's service that brings people to smaller communities

The assertion of councillors Willie, Luchtmeijer and Brouilette that more development is needed along with lower DCC’s to bring in more families to downtown Qualicum Beach is facile, because as everyone knows, especially councillors promoting development, the bottom line is everything and the more construction that can be placed on a piece of land the more profit is made, irrespective of esthetics.

Far from having more folks shopping in Qualicum Beach, younger families will almost certainly shop in Nanaimo.

It is easy to drive to and fro when you are young, you can take advantage of more competitive prices and bulk buying for a growing family just makes economic sense.

The seniors in town cannot or will not drive all the way into Nanaimo and consequently shop for convenience in Qualicum Beach.

Service is what brings folks into shops in smaller communities as well as the camaraderie of the experience.

Leave developers uncontrolled you say — hmmm — do we want a Beach Club development on our waterfront where St. Andrews Lodge and Glen Cottages currently are?

What about a national chain store or a four-storey plus condo development where the old Seabright Clinic on Harlech used to be — which would block countless uptown residents’ views of the water and mountains?

In listening to the various councillors I am very much regretting that I am a “senior” as obviously we are a problem and although the downtown area bustles with activity, it seems that we, the citizens along with the Town of Qualicum Beach, like the dinosaurs are “doomed”, what a pity.

Hilary henderson


Qualicum Beach