Would you buy a used car from these people?

British Columbians will soon be facing a recurring political dilemma. Deciding which provincial party to vote for is much like purchasing a new vehicle in a town with four dealerships.

The smallest of the dealerships, which currently lacks a leader, sells high-end conservative vehicles while the other small dealership, which has an untested leader, sells eco-friendly electric and hybrid vehicles. The second largest dealership, which has an inscrutable leader, sells station wagons and minivans. Meanwhile, the largest dealership will up-sell customers anything and everything and is stage-managed by a leader who is brash, devious and self-serving.

What do you do when you are not in the market for what the first three dealers are offering, but hate the thought of being taken for another ride, i.e., ripped off, by the slick advertising and hollow promises of the boss at the largest dealership?

Not buying anything is one option, but that will only perpetuate the status quo, allowing the notorious and glitzy operation to become even more arrogant, more secretive and more corrupt.

Apparently enduring honesty, managerial competence and fiscal prudence are too much to hope for.

Lloyd Atkins