Writer is wrong in a roundabout way

In a recent letter, Art Skipsey complains about the planned roundabout at the Memorial and 19A junction (Proposed Qualicum Beach roundabout will place pedestrians at risk, Sept. 12).

Rather than acknowledging that such a roundabout would serve as a traffic calming device at the start of the Qualicum waterfront, he claims that it would put pedestrians at risk — but cites no supporting data. He mentions that he is a long-term resident of Qualicum, but does this reflect a rather parochial outlook? Indeed, has he spent any time observing the easy transitions that cyclists and pedestrians make at the Memorial and Rupert intersection? Or, indeed, has he travelled to Australia to see how well pedestrians have adapted to their roundabouts, given that you have to pay attention to slowing traffic from only one direction at a time?

On the other hand, Art could have observed that pedestrians and cyclists have a huge problem traversing 19A from Country Club Drive, especially for children and octogenarians, and so a roundabout there would be of considerable benefit to local tax payers as they contend with the summer tourist traffic.

Tony Marsland

Qualicum Beach