You don’t have to live with it

It's easy to support a coal mine that's miles and miles away

The fundamental flaw of Mr. Alf Randall’s stone-age philosophy is that his home is not located in Fanny Bay and he and his family do not rely on Cowie Creek water sources for clean drinking water.

Mr. Randall does not rely on being employed by the shellfish industry directly below where the coal tailing ponds will leach their toxins into the ocean that forms this industry.  If Mr. Randall’s drinking water source was threatened would he just sit there and let it happen?

Yes, coal mining happens, but who in their right mind thinks of putting one above a shellfish industry? What kind of person has the audacity to judge those who are trying to protect their basic human rights? .

Government strategies for Canadian land use should be adapting to prepare to meet food and water security basics that have already been addressed globally as a major threat in the near future.

The people of the Comox Valley are not expendable. We need to stop exploiting our resources and start making better choices by utilizing them to benefit all, not just the few who don’t even live here.

Stacey Gaiga


Port Alberni