You don’t have to vote for all four

It should be an interesting race in Qualicum Beach this time around

From the ancient narrative of the journeys of the Argonauts one of Homer’s declarations has retained a modern-day relevance. This is the exhortation to the Trojans to beware Greeks bearing gifts.

The same warning is equally valid today for the voters of Qualicum Beach in the coming municipal election.

The number of candidates, 11 for five positions, is most gratifying but none of them has given any clue as to how they would achieve their personal agendas.

I am not greatly interested to know that they want to control taxes, want an improved transportation system, have water high on their agenda, support employment opportunities, and so-on ad nauseam.

I want to know how they plan to try to achieve these targets.

Until the all-candidates meetings the contestants are largely unknown to us.

The challenger for mayor, Mike Wansink, is personable but glib, is relying on a rather unremarkable single term on council a few years back to boost his case and is spending lots of money on advertising to get his name in front of the voters. However, his agenda is all unsupported wishes, no action plans.

For the council table, incumbent Mary Brouilette has shown considerable aptitude and would bring experience to a rather hollow council. Scott Tanner, narrowly defeated last time would bring his two terms’ experience and an eagle eye on environmental matters to the group.

Bill Luchtmeijer is also a past veteran, but one of these was as mayor so one wonders if a seat further down the table would be bearable for three years and if not …?

All the other new faces must make their marks at the all-candidates meetings and in person.

Keep in mind we do not have to vote for four councillors if we are not impressed. We can vote for fewer than four, but not for more.

F.H. Horner


Qualicum Beach