Younger people matter

Not everyone in this community is over the age of 65

Thought I’d like to weigh in on my opinion of the old bus storage facility, or rather what it’s already being called — arts site.

In the last five years the people of the area have lost two hotels with entertainment and rooms to rent, thus hurting the tourism industry and taking away entertainment, live music and dance floors for non-seniors.

There is a lot of us out there who work mostly in services for the elderly from lawn care to nursing and we seem to be ignored. I would say that a hotel with a pub, stage and dance floor is what Qualicum beach needs!

The rooms would bring tourism dollars to the area and create jobs for those in the service industry. An art type site there would just end up being a drain on public funding (taxes) where a hotel would generate revenue!

Too close to a school? Everybody seems content with a liquor store a block away. Sell it to private concerns for a profit and put something there that will be of benefit to the whole community!

Ian Munroe