Boxing club hosts an open house

Genesis Boxing Club is gearing up for Emerald Gloves

Genesis Boxing and Fitness owner Rick Rae will be holding a public sparring session and fundraiser on Saturday.

Genesis Boxing and Fitness owner Rick Rae will be holding a public sparring session and fundraiser on Saturday.

Genesis Boxing and Fitness opens its doors Saturday for the first public sparring session and fundraiser of the new season, and those close to the local club with a social conscious are extending an open invitation to check them out.

“We did this last year,” Genesis founder, head coach and driving force Rick Rae said when The News stopped by this week.

Rae explained that with the clubs competitive amateur boxers gearing up for the big annual Emerald Gloves competition on the Mainland in April, “we do these public sessions for two reasons — first and foremost is the charity work, but beyond that it gets the new kids up in front of a crowd.”

“It ends up being mostly family and friends, and it helps get some of the nerves out, but it’s also a great opportunity for the general public to see the kids in action and check out what else we have to offer.”

Rae said the new kids “haven’t got a ton of hours of sparring in at this point, probably between 30 and 40 hours at this point but they’re excited to get up there and show some of what they’ve learned.

“We’ve got a real good group of new kids in here this year — there’s eight of them,” he said of the newest crop of students, who are benefitting from the core group of 10 returning boxers from last year’s band of brothers that stepped up at the Bronze Gloves held in their own back yard, and broke numerous Boxing BC records.

The Emerald Gloves will be held at a venue yet to be named on the Mainland in early April.

“It’s coming up fast,” Rae said. “In this club, for me in particularly, the kid over in the corner that’s just looking for a bit of self esteem and self respect and self discipline, is just as important as the competitor.”

Saturday’s public session goes from 1-3:30 p.m. Admission is by donation with donations earmarked for the local MS chapter and the Food Bank .

Rae said he expects the 90 minutes will allow enough time to put on between 15-18 sparring sessions made up of three, two minute rounds.

Rae will be bringing in some other coaches from Victoria and Nanaimo to help out, and local pro trainer Richard Le Stage will also be on hand, in the ring doing pad work with up-and-coming super-middleweight Brandon Busby “to let the younger guys have a look.”

Beyond the sweet science, Genesis Boxing and Fitness continues to offer classes and programs for pretty much everyone.



From March 12-15 Genesis will be hosting a four day Spring Break Boxing Clinic. Contact the club at 250-248-5511 for more details.