Just call him Dr. Ironman

Dr. Larry Smith plans to complete in Penticton Ironman this summer

Local chiropractor Dr. Larry Smith is seen here at one of his earlier ironman events.

Local chiropractor Dr. Larry Smith is seen here at one of his earlier ironman events.

Chiropractor Dr. Larry Smith is competing in the Penticton Ironman this summer in support of Parksville’s Forward House.

On August 26 Smith will swim 3.8 km, cycle 180 km and run 42.2 km to help raise funds and awareness for the recreation for wellness programs of the local mental health and addictions recovery facility.

“As our own Ironman, Dr. Larry provides the gold standard for responsibility for one’s own health and fulfillment. No less, he dedicates himself to a vital community,” said Forward House executive director Carol Richardson.

“His Herculean performance asserts his commitment to well being and demonstrates triumph over self-limitation and endurance in challenging circumstances.”

Smith, who competed in Ironman in 2006 and 2008, works with charitable organizations to raise funds for programs that empower those in need.

“I feel very fortunate to once again be competing in Ironman Canada,” he said. “I am grateful to be a member of both the Forward House community and the Ironman community.”

“We are grateful to Dr. Larry for his enduring partnership, tangible supports and generosity of spirit. We are proud to know him and to collaborate in this exciting adventure,” Richardson said.

She encourages people to support him, even just verbally — “tell Dr. Larry you believe in him and in the work of Forward House,” she said.

But anyone donating over $20 will receive a tax receipt and a copy of Smith’s book Embracing the Journey of Recovery. Every donor is entered to win prizes totaling over $1,000, with monthly draws beginning May 15.

“Life is about adaptation and overcoming adversity,” Smith said. “I have often viewed recovery from a serious injury or life threatening illness much the same as crossing the finish line of a race. As long as you keep moving toward the finish line, you are a winner.”

Donate online at www.forwardhouse.com.


For more information contact Forward House at 250-954-0785 or 129, E. Jensen Ave, or Dr. Smith at 250-248-6333 or 255A E Island Hwy.