Senior carpet bowlers recognized

Regional District event showcases some serious local talent

Stellar seniors from left: Chris Vanderstoep

Stellar seniors from left: Chris Vanderstoep

From the bumped-but-not-forgotten files comes word RDN Recreation & Parks recently added some more names to its growing list of those named to the Performance Recognition program.

Earning the accolades during the RDN’s recreation commission meeting at Oceanside Place were three local seniors with game — Chris Vanderstoep, Glenn Howell and Margaret Howell. All three garnered gold at the BC Senior’s games in 2011 in Carpet Bowling, but were unable to attend the RDN’s Fall Performance Recognition Ceremony. All three were presented with certificates, a pin and a gift certificate.


According to the RDN’s Christina Finnie, this brings the total to 105 area athletes that have been recognized so far since the program surfaced in 2010.