U11 boys kept game close

The 4-2 result doesn't really reflect the talent and effort the boys displayed

Oceanside’s Logan Vasara

Oceanside’s Logan Vasara

Oceanside’s U11 Boys soccer side capped off the front end of its season Saturday with a spirited effort against Nanaimo at Arrowview Elementary.

The visitors opened the scoring, and Brandon Nicol countered for Oceanside for a 1-1 tie at the half.

Logan Vasara streaked in and struck for the home side in the second half, but it wasn’t enough as the visitors tallied three in a 4-2 win.

“It was really good game,” concurred Oceanside coach David Horsley, adding, “the boys have come a long ways since the start of the season — this group has worked really hard.”

Backstopping the locals in net was Freeman Ashacker, who his coach said, “played a fabulous game … he kept it close (and) he inspired the team.”

The side is off now until early January.