Up your game at Genesis Boxing

Teams resume training there as hockey season ramps up

Gens’ Ethan Larson and his younger counterparts from the Bantam Rep Generals

Gens’ Ethan Larson and his younger counterparts from the Bantam Rep Generals

It’s no big secret the benefits of boxing training transcend the ring, and for two local hockey teams, the proof is on the ice.

The Oceanside Generals Junior Hockey Club has once again partnered with the team at Genesis Boxing and Fitness as its official off-ice training facility, and GM and head coach Dave Johnston said he’d recommend it to anyone looking to up their game.

“Our entire organization is thrilled with what Genesis adds to our program, and what it adds to our players experience as an Oceanside General. Our players use the facility for their individual work outs as well we meet as a team once a week for a team session with Rick.”


“Genesis has all of the same core values our organization believes in,” said Johnston. “Simply put it is old school and all about hard work being the core to taking your game to a whole new level.”

“Our players can’t say enough about how much they enjoy the facility and the feeling of belonging to the club. Our players have the utmost respect for Rick and the way he pushes them past all limits they thought they had, our group sessions are a highlight of the week for our players.”

Rae worked with the local Jr. B club last year, and the program was such a success Johnston has his U15 Generals Bantam Rep team working out at Genesis weekly as well this year.

“I love working with them — both teams, the young and the older guys, they’re hard working, and watching the development in their ‘burst-ability’ for lack of a better word … their speed is way better then it was at the beginning of the year,” said Rae, the founder and driving force behind the local boxing club with a community conscience.

“It’s great to watch … they’re literally honing their hockey skills through boxing training … every sport should do it,” he said, pointing out that in Europe soccer teams have been in the boxing gym forever.

“We’re getting a lot more calls from younger rep teams and lacrosse teams, and it’s because of the conditioning of boxing and the cardio. The eye hand feet coordination is huge for all sports.”

“I enjoy coming here — Rick’s a really good trainer, and he pushes us,” first year General, D-man Ethan Larson, 17, from Chilliwack, offered from beside one of the heavy bags this week as the younger Generals watched on quietly, and made the point that boxing training fits right in with the pace of hockey.

“We go non-stop for 45 seconds to a minute, which is about the amount of time we’re on the ice (per shift) … it’s definitely improved my conditioning; it’s helped my foot speed, and my hands are faster.”

For more information call Rick at 250-248-5511.