Viedas’ toughest fight yet

Marco “Machete” Viedas is going back to fighting at 135 pounds on March 29.

Marco “Machete” Viedas is going back to fighting at 135 pounds on March 29. Viedas was scheduled to fight at a catch-weight for his next fight but decided to choose the later fight in the bantamweight category.

Slated to take place in Coquitlam at the Hard Rock Casino, Viedas (2-0) will meet Josh Chow (0-0).

“I don’t really know that much about him but from what we’ve seen on the Internet, he’s going to be my toughest fight yet,” Viedas said. “He’s pretty ripped and looks like a big guy for 135 so it’s going to be a test. I do know he’s fighting out of the same gym as my last opponent though, so that means they’re going to know a little more about me than I will about them.”

Machete finished his last fight with a TKO and will be looking to do the same thing this time around at Battlefield Fight League 29.

Viedas has been working on his mixed martial arts (MMA) three times a day, three times a week. With his training ramping up ahead of the big fight. He’s expecting to be ready for this fight and the challenge it could bring.

“I’ve been training with Graham Spencer twice a day and he’s really been helping my game. To be able to train with a guy like him, who’s considered one of the best in Canada at his weight, is such a great thing,” Machete said. “I’m really just trying to focus on getting better at every aspect of my game, ground work, stand up and conditioning, so I will be able to out work my opponent in any aspect of the fight.”

This fight marks the last time Machete will compete under the rules where there are no strikes to the head of a downed opponent. His next fight will be full amateur MMA rules which he’s looking forward to.

“Yeah, I can’t wait for that. It’s going to open up a whole new level of things I can do so I’m really excited about that.”

Viedas has been able to get all his training in thanks to his sponsors, Island Surf Company, Siege Consulting, Riptide Graphics and Ocean City Tattoo.

“They’ve been a big help for me so far and I’m really happy that I have them on board with what I’m doing. It feels nice to know they’ve got my back and it feels good knowing I can go out there and put on a good show with them as my sponsors.”