drunk driver

Screenshot of the video taken by Trevor Shewaga while following a car with no tire travelling along the Trans-Canada Highway Saturday night. (Screenshot)

VIDEO: Drunk driver loses wheel, keeps driving to Duncan

Three men on their way home from a football game took video


The RCMP are reminding drivers to find alternative ways home if they have consumed anything that impairs their ability to drive. (Black Press file photo)

Impaired Island driver flees road check twice on the same night

The officer issued the driver numerous violation tickets, and a four-month driving suspension


Ron Nicolaye and the pole on the Island Highway at the Campbell River bridge that a drunk driver crashed into in 1983, changing his life forever. Photo by Marc Kitteringham – Campbell River Mirror

Impaired driving survivor implores people to not drink and drive this holiday season

Campbell River man looks back on 37th anniversary of life-changing incident


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