Trudeau says scrapping Saudi arms deal could cost billions
    • Bill Morneau says Canada's economy is in a good position
    • Rotting deer parts found near Cattle Point
    • Postal workers strike in Victoria

    2018 Parksville Remembrance Day Ceremony

    Qualicum Beach Remembrance Day ceremonies and parade 2018

    Parksville mayor Ed Mayne gives his inaugural address

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    Want to sell a home? Amy Hadikin reveals what you must know

    Amy Hadikin: Here's what you'll need to buy your first home

    Amy Hadikin: Save big with this real estate relocation expert

    Amy Hadikin: Realtor reveals top tips for finding the best property
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    A little soak goes a long way!

    It's time for a heart to heart about dentures

    The dog ate your dentures? It's more common than you think

    Denture testimonials: Life-changing investment worth every penny
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    NIWRA: Shop at Thrifty's & save wildlife by using a Smile Card

    Calling for volunteers! Injured wild animals need your help

    Dramatic eagle rescue, & stunning release of another!

    NIWRA Video: See how you can safely become a wildlife hero!

    Five things to watch for in Canadian business, the week of Oct 15th

    Low-cost airline Swoop launches in Canada

    Morneau: Feds would back new Trans Mountain investors

    Sears Canada job losses very sad, says former executive

    Doighouse earthship build in Qualicum Bay

    Parksville rock and gem show Sept. 29-30

    Faye Smith Rosenblatt memorial Pavilion

    Trauma compounded her mental health

    Guitars by Hand luthiers' show in Errington 2018

    Art Battle in Qualicum Bay

    Raccoon scales tall building

    Wedding a chance to focus on something 'positive': Island Royal watcher

    Cross on the Commons 2018

    BC Summer Games: Volunteer commitment

    Zone 4 - Liam Haysom

    A look into Golf Canada's program at Bear Mountain