Go2Geek on the move in Oceanside

Newest computer business rolls into town

Scott Swanson has started The Go2Geek in the Parksville area.

Scott Swanson has started The Go2Geek in the Parksville area.

Developing relationships with customers is key for the central Island’s newest mobile computer and technology service — The Go2  Geek.

Owner Scott Swanson moved to Parksville after being part of a successful Comox Valley company, and he says he’s looking forward to a smaller, more personal business in the area.

“I’ve always liked the Parksville area,” he said. “I also thought that at some point with my previous company that we’d move into this area.”

Swanson is getting that opportunity after health issues forced him to reconsider working with his previous company — one he started and saw grow into a business with two locations, ad retail space and then expand into Apple computer sales and service.

It was a busy lifestyle, but Swanson needed a change. 

So he set out on his own, moving his family to the Parksville area and started up The Go2Geek.

“I plan on keeping it simple, he said, “and not getting back into retail.”

Swanson specializes in computer service and repair, as well as helping people connect with their technology.

What that means, he explained, is working with people to ensure their devices — computers and televisions, to iPads and cell phones — are all connected to give them the best possible work flow.

Since he has been working with computers since age 12, Swanson said he has soaked up his education in computer technical like a sponge and found a knack for relating to people with issues.

“I never wanted to work, sitting in a room in front of a screen all day,” he said. “I am a people person.

“For me, this business is all about the people whose computer I service.”

Swanson said he specializes in both Macs and PCs — which can help a lot of people who often transition to one platform at work, to another at home.

He can also help connect those platforms to the many devices people have these days — integrating them, making them more manageable.

If you’re struggling to make your technology behave, call The Go2Geek at 250-821-1994, or e-mail Scott Swanson at scott@thego2geek.ca.