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Parksville location for Marin bike company

Did you know that there’s a major bicycle manufacturer with a base in Parksville?
Brad Donaldson of Marin Bikes Canada is happy to be living in Parksville and working for a company with big plans on the horizon.

Did you know that there’s a major bicycle manufacturer with a base in Parksville?

It’s something that Brad Donaldson of Marin Bikes California (Canada) wants locals to know.

For nearly two years, Marin Bikes Canada (the Canadian branch of the California-based company) has operated a warehouse in Parksville’s industrial park. It’s where all dealer warranty work is done on Marin bikes from across Canada. They see only around five to 10 bikes per month — and most of those, said Donaldson, are older models. Donaldson is Canadian customer service rep. for Marin, working for manager Lisa Jaggard, and alongside four other employees.

The main company itself is 25 years old and was recently bought out by an Indonesian businessman — who has only made the company more progressive since taking over.

For Donaldson and the Parksville crew, it means being active in the community at local events (like the recent Bike For Your Life event), working to get the word out about the Marin line of bikes.

For Donaldson, having a major brand based in Parksville means a better lifestyle for its employees who love the Island.

“I’ve been working in (the industry) for 10 or 12 years,” he said, “and I love it here. It’s really neat to tell people the company has a warehouse in town.”

While they don’t handle direct sales, they do through a local dealer — Island Cycle — as well as others on the Island and mainland.

Marin itself has won awards for its suspension system and maintains a high-quality bike. It’s the company that makes working for Marin great, said Donaldson.

“It’s a great family. Every day I wake up and pinch myself. It’s an awesome company.”

Today, Donaldson finds himself a B.C. sales rep., traveling for the company, working with their riders and helping raise the company’s profile.

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