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Qualicum Bay business feature

Putting a local face on automotive repair in Qualicum Bay - Part of the appeal of the business is its diversity
Gary Nickel gives a spring tuneup to a scooter at Qualicum Bay Small Power.

Gary Nickel has only been in Qualicum Bay for about a year, but he's already making a name for himself.

That name is Qualicum Bay Small Power, a new business he started with his partner, Lore Robichaud to put a more local face on automotive repair — meaning people from Qualicum Bay to Bowser can get their gear running again without having to drive to a major centre.

Although he deals with what one would generally expect from such a business, small engine repairs on lawnmowers, cultivators and snowblowers, he also repairs motorcycles and has seen an increasing number of scooters come through the shop, located at 2909 Leon Road — just off Horne Lake Road in Qualicum Bay.

One item that has really spiked over the year the company has been in business are motor-assisted bicycles.

"I never used to see them at all when I was in Alberta, but when I moved down here I saw some and now I'm seeing more and more of them," he said. "I buy the motor and the tank and everything else and I install them on a regular bike. They seem to be really popular out here."

Nickel has solid credentials and is a certified small engine repair technician.

The company picks up broken equipment and delivers back equipment that Nickel said he tries to make run like new.

Part of the appeal of the business is its diversity. To this end, Nickel also sharpens chainsaws.

"I found a lot of people don't know how to sharpen a saw," he explained.

The latest wrinkle to the business is windshield repair.

For more information give him a call at 250-757-9409, on his cell at 250-240-4566 or visit