Calling all Yung dancers

Dance academy wants junior dancers to show off what they can do

Garrett Jolicoeur of Qualicum Beach dances with Laura Haynes of Parksville.

Garrett Jolicoeur of Qualicum Beach dances with Laura Haynes of Parksville.


For the second year running, the Forever Yung Dance Studio in Parksville is offering DanceSport Scholarships to local kids.

DanceSport is the official name given to the sport of competitive ballroom dancing and dance instructor Ken Yung admitted that it can be challenging to get kids to check out ballroom dancing so they are offering scholarships as enticement.

He said it is particularly hard to convince young boys to get into DanceSport but over the years the studio has recruited more and more young men even though there may be a stigma attached to it.

Yung said they are trying to get the message out that the sport of ballroom dancing comes with many benefits and that is why he got involved when he was in university.

“The main thing that attracted me to ballroom dancing was that I hated just freestyle dancing because I didn’t know what to do. There was no structure.

“When I went to my first dance class I was hooked because there was a right way of doing it … there was a technique involved.  Maybe there are some other boys out there like me who think unstructured dance makes no sense. Ballroom has structure and makes sense. It is very clear,” he explained.

Yung advised that kids involved in ballroom dance have much higher levels of achievement and personal development.

When they get involved in competition, the benefits become even more prominent, as they learn to set goals, accept defeat gracefully, and build confidence in themselves and what they can accomplish.

Yung agreed that DanceSport has gone through a revolution over the past decade.

Today, the combination of artistry and athleticism has brought DanceSport into the forefront of mainstream media. TV shows such as Dancing With the Stars and So you Think You Can Dance? both showcase the challenging and rewarding aspects of the exciting world of DanceSport.

The dance school has 10 scholarships to give away for kids between seven and 11 years who live within the Oceanside area.

No experience is required and absolute beginner dancers are welcome to apply for a scholarship each valued at $200.

The scholarship includes a placement in the Kids Dance Class program. A scholarship application form is available at the studio located at 281 East Island Highway in Parksville.  Call 250-240-0533 for more information.

The Forever Yung studio will also be offering free Zumba fitness classes in the park.

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