Disabled cat reunited with its owner

Paralyzed cat found at the side of the road in Nanoose Bay

bandoned beside the road in Nanoose Bay has been reunited with its family — thanks in part to a story in The News.

The cat, dubbed Precious, was found beside Morello Road with a back injury that left the animal partially paralyzed.


Nanoose Bay cat rescuer Shirley Ley said the cat was    in excellent condition, apart from its injuries, which left it incontinent and unable to walk.

Ley put out a call for assistance to the community, looking for someone to give a permanent home to the wayward feline. However, there was good news in the offing.

The owner, Sandra McNeill, returned from a trip to England and read the story about Precious in The News. She got in contact with the Nanoose cat rescue team and was shortly reunited with her pet, whose real name is Katie.

Ley said the cat was known to wander and was evidently injured at some point after it went missing.