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Jill Pitches Qualicum Beach

Aspiring writer enters Readers Digest Most Interesting Town contest
Qualicum Beach’s Jill Cameron has entered a Reader’s Digest contest seeking Canada’s most interesting town.

Jill Cameron is intent on proving that Qualicum Beach is Canada’s best destination, and residents can help by voting for her submission in Reader’s Digest’s Canada’s Most Interesting Towns contest.

“I thought it was something I would like to put out there and could benefit our community,” the 19-year-old said about her submission.

The online contest runs to Dec.18, is sponsored by Readers Digest Canada and is offered on a number of sites including To enter, Cameron submitted approximately 250 words on why she thinks Qualicum Beach is the best destination in the country. The winning entry will get a $5,000 grand prize and $5,000 donated to their town. Seven thousand dollars is also being offered in runner-up prizes.

Cameron works for the Chamber of Commerce at Qualicum Beach’s Visitor Centre. She was talking with a hotel owner in the area who mentioned the contest to her. Besides the prize money that could be won Cameron said she thought it would be a good idea to draw some attention to all the great things the area has to offer.

To vote for Cameron’s submission visit and click on Canada’s Most Interesting Towns Contest.

There’s No Place Like Home, By Jill Cameron

There’s no place like home, that’s true, but I believe everyone can appreciate Qualicum Beach’s small town charm and beauty. I am a 19-year-old university student, I grew up here, and I appreciate it every day. We are a collection of friends, family, grandparents, retirees, artists, musicians and young people. There is something for everyone here at our central location on beautiful Vancouver Island.

When I think Qualicum I can hear the waves against the shoreline of the sandy beach where I spent so many lazy summer days, and picture the incredible forest hikes where I take my dogs daily. In October I think of the leaves changing colour while the salmon valiantly fight their way upstream at the local hatchery. In December I think of Christmas at Milner Gardens and the first dusting of snow that creates magic in our lit-up village streets. Our shores are sheltered but I’m only two hours away from surfing huge waves in Tofino. We have lakes, mountains, old growth forest, rivers, caves, and the sea; what more could anyone ask for?

I have the best job in the world during the summers; I work at the visitor centre located on the beachfront of our scenic community. Every day I get to tell people of all nationalities the things they should see here, along with everything I love about where I live. I live in beautiful Qualicum Beach; my home is where the mountains meet the sea.