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Keeping children warm and dry

Government funding wasn’t available for bus shelter
A group of Errington residents come together to build a bus shelter. The idea came from Russ Hannay

Errington resident Russ Hannay has seen too many kids facing the elements while waiting for the school bus, so he decided to do something about it.

Government funding isn’t there for a shelter, Hannay said, and this is a way for adults in the area to show they care about the well-being of the kids.

Hannay’s mother Susan Bowes purchased the wood from Albertson’s Home Centre in Parksville at cost, and locals are pitching in other materials as well as man power to put the shelter together.

“It’s a wonderful community effort,” Hannay said, “it’s great people are taking things into their own hands.”


Hannay said the shelter should be completed in a couple of weeks.