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Less is more in floral art

Floral designer gives tips on what makes a great bouquet
Owner of Fresh and Fabulous Flowers and Gifts Lilo Kallai will demonstrate how less can be more in floral design next Thursday in Qualicum Beach.

Humdrum flower arrangements will become a thing of the past for those attending the Less is More demonstration next Thursday in Qualicum Beach.

Lilo Kallai, owner of Fresh and Fabulous Flowers and Gifts in Qualicum Beach, will put on the demonstration for the Mid-Island Floral Art Club, focusing on big impact using affordable materials. 

Kallai has been a floral designer for about 20 years. She began as a single parent, inspired by her Sunday school teacher who worked from home. 

“I thought back when I was a single mom, well if she could work out of her home and do such dynamic flowers then I should be able to do that as a single mom with four kids.” 

Kallai said the incredible floral designs her teacher created sparked a romance and a passion within her, and they gave her the ability to express herself creatively. She took some classes and began working from home.

After 10 years working from home and teaching classes, Kallai went into health care, but she never stopped doing flower arrangements.

Three years ago her dream came true when she and her husband opened up Fresh and Fabulous. 

Kallai said her demonstration next Thursday will include a lot of thinking outside of the box with demonstrations showing how to make compelling designs using a bit of greenery and minimal flowers.

At her store she and her staff put their own creative expression into every piece they arrange, she said, and also keep up to date on current trends.

“It’s not just arranging flowers it’s a form of art,” she said.

Less is More will happen Thursday, April 14 at 2 p.m. at St. Stephens Church Hall in Qualicum Beach. The guest fee for the event is $5 and can be paid at the door. 

For more information about the Mid-Island Floral Art Club visit