'Ariana at Anchor

'Ariana at Anchor

Parksville’s Cafe Adagio showcasing artwork

The cafe will show the work of Delta-based artist Ian Stathers

The McMillan Arts Centre’s Members Out and About will showcase the work of Ian Stathers at Café Adagio in April.

Café Adagio is located at 147 Harrison Ave.,  in Parksville. Their hours are Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Stathers uses oil and watercolour for his paintings. He is mostly self-taught, but has had instruction from Inoka Lavalee and Sigrid Kolatschuk.

His paintings are inspired by boyhood memories and many travel photographs taken over the years.

The works Ariana at Anchor, 1968 and ‘Deep Bay Sunset, 1959’ are Stather’s first oil paintings since leaving high school.

Stathers retired in 2014 and enjoys traveling with his wife, Brenda.

Stathers was born in Vancouver, but lives in Delta. He belongs to the Canadian Federation of Artists, the Oceanside Community Arts Council and the Surrey Arts Council.

— Submitted by MAC