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Reinhard: Socializing is good for your health

Seniors can relive memories and bring them back to reality again

Did you know that socializing with other people is good for your health? We’ve talked about keeping our minds sharp and staying informed, options available for self-care, keeping our meds in check and finding an exercise program we enjoy.

Now let’s talk about brushing up on our social skills. Do you sometimes feel stuck just moving around inside your home, not seeing anyone for days? Human beings need the company of others to remain happy and content. We can’t depend on the TV to keep that brain of ours working.

A common part of aging is short-term memory loss. We may not remember what we did last week but can tell endless stories of how life used to be when we were young. Let’s relive some of those memories and bring them back to reality again.

If you have lost a spouse through death or divorce its been a long process of grieving. Eventually you realize that your life must go on and it is up to you to make the best of it. It’s not good to isolate yourself. We had excellent verbal skills when we were younger, and they can be revived. Now is all the time we have left.

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If you are so inclined, there are senior dating sites available, such as: SeniorMatch, Mingle2, Ourtime, Bumble, WeLoveDates and TinderforSeniors. If you are brave enough to try one of these, be aware! Don’t forget the ‘golden rule’ of online dating: Do not send anyone you meet online any money. Protect yourself against scams.

We complain about our younger generation not talking anymore, only texting and emailing even while sitting in the same room.

We are so concerned about our environmental issues and saving our planet, we ask “what kind of a world are we leaving our children?’; we really should be worrying about “what kind of children are we leaving our world?” Has a good face-to-face conversation gone by the wayside?

It’s important that we don’t lose our momentum. Make a positive effort to converse with other people; asking questions will encourage them to talk. The brain is stimulated by productive conversations giving us different viewpoints to process.

Just like in ‘the old days’, there is nothing wrong with a gentleman asking a lady for a date, no strings attached. You may be pushing 80, but you’re not dead yet. Why not go to a cozy café, discover a new restaurant, enjoy a movie together or visit an art gallery or museum. What may happen is that you will feel energized, smile more and laugh out loud.

It will be rejuvenating and make you feel alive. You never know, the next time she may ask you out.

Karla Reinhard lives in Qualicum Beach, where she explores seniors’ issues and personalities in the area. For story tips or questions, she can be reached at

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