Snow clearing going well in Qualicum Beach

No falling trees or vehicles catching fire this time around

Newly-revamped snow clearing equipment in Qualicum Beach is coping well with the first major snowfall of the year.

Town engineer Bob Weir said there have been no major hitches with snow clearing in the uptown core.

“It’s going well,” he said, noting that public works superintendent Alan Cameron estimated the side roads should be cleared by about 7 p.m. “We concentrated on the main routes early.”

Last year’s first major snowfall saw the town’s clearing efforts hampered by a tree falling on one snow removal vehicle and another one catching fire. However, Weir said this year things seem to be going more smoothly.

“There’s no drama yet,” he said. “It’s not bad snow because it’s dry and there’s a lot of traction out there.”


He added that snow volumes were not such that the town had to start clearing the snow out of the uptown core.