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Town event co-ordinators prepare for spring

It may be cold out, but there are some people who are getting ready for the warm weather

There may still be lots of frost on the pumpkin, but Qualicum Beach municipal council is already looking forward not only to spring, but also summer.



• Part of these preparations came courtesy of Norm Biddlecombe, president of the Seaside Cruizers car club, who this week asked council to give their blessing to a request to close off streets downtown for the annual June 17 Father’s Day Show and Shine.

Biddlecombe also asked for barricades, garbage cans, bags and collection, as well as some town staff for traffic control and the setup and tear-down of the event.



• Al Gagnon, site manager for St. Mark’s Fair, requested permission to close Veterans’ Way at Memorial Avenue for the July 28 St. Mark’s Qualicum Beach Community Fair.



• Kris Chand of the Qualicum Beach Farmer’s Market asked council for permission to close off Veterans’ Way on Saturday, April 28 and Fir Street on Saturday, July 28 on the same day in order to hold the weekly farmer’s market while their regular venue is in use.


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