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Town of Qualicum Beach reminds residents of snow-clearing protocol

Failure to clear your sidewalk could result in a $75 fine
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Parksville Qualicum Beach’s mild climate makes snowfall somewhat of a rarity.

But when it snows, to avoid any slipups, the Town of Qualicum Beach has some quick points for residents to follow.

Residents are required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their properties, and be aware of the following: Sidewalks should be cleared no later than 10 a.m. on each day of a snowfall, except Sunday, and should have at least a three-to-four-foot wide pathway cleared, for accessibility.

The town warns that failure to clear your sidewalk could result in a $75 fine for each day the offence continues. If the sidewalk remains unattended, the town may perform the work and charge the owner/occupier with the cost.

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Avoid using salt on sidewalks as it damages concrete and paving stone surfaces. Instead, use de-icer to minimize damage.

The town will also have its snow-clearing crews out, with roads cleared in the following priority sequence:

• Emergency route. This includes Rupert Road between the ambulance and fire station.

• Arterial roads. This includes roads like Laburnum, Rupert, Village Way, Memorial and Highway 19A.

• Collector roads. This includes roads like Crescent, Fern, Chartwell and Eaglecrest.

• Residential through-roads.

• Residential cul-de-sacs and residential lanes.

Only access roads serving more than two homes will be plowed. It takes approximately 72 hours to reach cul-de-sacs from the time it stops snowing. If fresh snow falls again, crews must return to streets with higher priority.

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— NEWS Staff

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