Have to see it to believe it

Parksville-Family, animal ad immigration dynamics workshops

Henri van Amerongen is holding Hidden Immigration

Henri van Amerongen is holding Hidden Immigration



Working as a past-life regression therapist in Holland, Henri van Amerongen thought he had seen it all — that was until he attended his first family dynamics workshop.

“I thought, what’s going on here,” he said.

The workshops have a different name in Holland but essentially take the energy from a person or animal and transpose it into someone else (or wooden mannequins), enabling thoughts and feelings of others to come to the forefront and solve all kinds of issues.

Van Amerongen, the man behind Dare 2b U Academy which hosts the Dynamics workshops, relocated to Parksville within the last couple of years and will be holding a number of introductory sessions in the area in the coming weeks.

Hidden Immigration Dynamics happens Feb. 27 at the Parksville Pharmasave Conference Room, and deals with the underlying fear and anxiety felt by immigrants. Family Dynamics takes place March 19 at the same location and Animal Dynamics will happen at Sunrise Ridge Resort March 26.

Although van Amerongen said it is a popular tool in Europe, the technique is fairly undiscovered here in North America, where we often have trouble buying it, “that is until we see it,” he said.

“You have to see it to believe it,” he said. “Everybody can do it, you have to get people out of their head and into their body.”

Van Amerongen performed the workshops in Holland for 16 years and continues to teach the technique to others. He  has helped businesses, individuals, families and animals, he said.

Sometimes people have a sadness or pain that they can’t put their finger on, he said, and often pain is inherited from parents or grandparents and is anchored in people’s subconscious. His technique can help heal and remove feelings that have been blocking success and happiness for years, he said.  It’s about energy and connecting, he said, and results can become apparent within 15 minutes sometimes, he said.

Van Amerongen has been equally successful over the years helping animals, he said, including work for the SPCA, where he figured out what had an older dog confined to a bed for three weeks.

“The next day the dog was running around and was adopted in 2 days,” he said. “Everyone was flabbergasted, asking what did you do?”

To check out one of van Amerongen’s introductory sessions in Parksville sign up by filling out the form at www.dare2bu.ca or call 250-586-8822. All sessions are from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and cost $10 at the door.