Layla back after injury

Blues singer and former resident returns to Europe

Layla Zoe is back to work after being out of work for over six months with a back injury and surgery.

Layla Zoe is back on the road.

The international blues sensation and former Qualicum Beach resident was out with a back injury and surgery for over six months, but she returned to Montreal last month and is now in Belgium performing her first show back.

“I just booked the one show, it’s one of the shows that was cancelled before, but it’s a venue that we know and the people are extremely supportive there so that’s a good place to start.”

Zoe experienced back pain while touring last year and while visiting home at Christmas time she collapsed in pain and had to go to the emergency room at the Nanaimo Hospital.

She went for surgery to have the disc removed in February of this year, and the disc, she was told, was in pieces. The pain continued as she committed to trying to walk a little bit every day, but Layla is actually grateful for the experience, she said.

“I feel extremely grateful because I appreciate more things in my life,” she said. “When you can’t walk and you finally have to learn to slow down and let go of things that are extremely important to you, you kind of get in touch with what’s really important.”

Zoe said the experience allowed her to focus on herself and her body and she’s come out with a much more relaxed attitude and feels like she is better prepared to deal with stress and anything else that arises.

Zoe had to cancel shows in Canada and Europe and postpone the recording of her new album in Germany due to her injury.

Now back at work, she will return to Germany this month to record her seventh album with the independent record label Cable Car Records, which will be released in September or October of this year.

In July she’ll jump back into her full time touring schedule with shows in Poland, a number of festivals in France, and she’ll tour Germany and Switzerland with the new album when it’s released.

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