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‘Unforgettable Journeys’ and ‘E.M.I.L.Y.’ on display at Parksville’s MAC

Gallery exhibitions run through end of May

The McMillan Arts Centre (MAC) in Parksville hosts two gallery exhibitions this month.

Paintings by Sarah Boileau and Emily Dao (Truc Ahn Dao) will on display until May 30.

Boileau’s exhibit, entitled Unforgettable Journeys with Sarah Boileau, will feature a collection of realistic oil paintings that encapsulate some of the amazing places she’s experienced on her many adventures.

Inspiration for her exhibit has come from a series of back country hikes that she and her mother did together in recentyears. Her paintings include sweeping mountain vistas to the lush green forests of the west coast. While they may differ in shape and vegetation, they all share the same magic: the power of the wilderness.

Experience Boileau’s journey through the rugged backcountry trails of the Rocky Mountains to the forests and coastlines of Vancouver Island.

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Dao’s exhibit, entitled E.M.I.L.Y., is short for Essence, Mystic, Inspiration, Labyrinth and Youth. These words were chosen to best describe her exhibition, as each of them has a very special meaning.

‘Essence’ resembles the role of expressing emotions in painting since what makes the artwork attractive is the livelihood and the sympathies that are seen through strokes of paint. ‘Mystic’ represents the implied meaning under each painting, in which different opinions and feelings are developed; in period of times, artworks could be very dissimilar from each other, with different styles and colours, as there are many outside influences that affected the creations. ‘Inspiration’ embraces it; ‘Labyrinth’ is the enchanted spell that blindly attracts the people’s eyes to the paintings and ‘Youth’ is the endless energy and enthusiasm from a young mind that is transmitted to blank canvases.

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