Gift from a child touches the heart

Gift from a child touches the heart

I went to Nanaimo on Saturday and while I waited for the bus at the terminus a little girl, her older sister and her mother came to the bus shelter.

Mom and the older girl (about six years old) were busy rummaging around in a bag Mom was carrying. Their backs were to me. I was wearing my Santa hat as I do every December. The little girl I estimated to be about three or four years old came from behind her Mom with eyes wide open and and she was mouthing the words “Santa Claus”.

She went back to her Mom and sister who were still preoccupied then came back to me with a gift that she put in my hand without saying a word. I don’t know her name for she left right away.

Here is the gift she gave me (pictured). I think it is the kindest gift I ever received and she touched my heart.

Roberta Taylor