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LETTER: Cellphone usage is the problem

Re: ‘Concerns over cell tower remain’ (PQB News, Nov. 11)

Concerns raised by this author are not based on full examinations of scientific evidence, as they use the Red Cross as their source.

In the list of concerns there are many what-ifs: what if the cell tower catches fire or what if high winds may cause the tower to fall.

Did this citizen write a letter to complain about the building of a school as that could also catch fire and cause harm to many students?

High winds may cause the cell tower to fall; which hasn’t saved a lot of big trees in our community, so should we cut down all the tall trees to save them from the winds?

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This is just a case of fear-mongering.

I live in Eaglecrest, do not own a cellphone and am very happy with my landline, but I fully support the proposed site of this new tower.

It will enhance the safety of my neighbours and the efficiency of the service personnnel who come out at all hours of the day and night.

In conclusion, cellphone usage is the problem, not this cellular tower.

Bill Majercsik

Qualicum Beach

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