LETTER: Containers present a difficult challenge

LETTER: Containers present a difficult challenge

When news came of the new garbage cans many months ago, I wrote to the RDN suggesting that there might be some problems associated with them. Now that they have arrived, the full extent of the problems has been revealed.

I collected mine from the top of the driveway a couple of days ago. The recycling bin was so heavy (empty) that it actually pushed me over on my way down to the house.

I am a remarkably fit senior, but this item defeated me, and fortunately I came away with only a few scrapes from the cement and a bit of back pain. The noise the contraption made was ear-splitting, as the wheels are of a very cheap design. I don’t know how long they will last.

Like hundreds of other seniors in Nanoose Bay, I live on a hill. I have no idea how I (and all my neighbours) am going to be able to haul these boxes up my driveway, particularly in winter.

Even when empty they present an insurmountable challenge.

In my opinion, they couldn’t have got it more wrong.

I wonder who made the decisions regarding these new garbage cans, and what the disabled, the single-parent mums, and folks recovering from surgery think of them. Did anyone consider asking an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, or even an orthopaedic surgeon? Perhaps even a handful of the seniors who actually live in this community?

We all love change, but it has to change for the better.

Barry Munn

Nanoose Bay

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