LETTER: Parksville needs an EV fast charger

LETTER: Parksville needs an EV fast charger

I read with great disappointment the article in the July 15 PQB News (‘Council passes on charger’).

The City of Parksville was in line to receive 75 per cent of the cost of a DC fast charger.

Quotes in the article from a number of councillors and the mayor are of concern and appear to be based on misinformation.

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) has been identified as one of the fastest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and clean up the air, water and soil we all share.

It is not something happening in the future – it is happening right now. The number of EVs on our roads has increased dramatically in the last three years. Growth in EV ownership is poised to skyrocket, and the need for more charging infrastructure will expand rapidly. Municipalities should be getting on board before that happens.

Most EV owners charge their vehicles at home, but visitors to the area and apartment/condo dwellers do not have that ability.

Having a DC fast charger available here, will put Parksville on the EV map – triggering many more visits to the municipality. It is a simple courtesy to the traveling public and for those Parksville residents who find themselves with a depleted battery and nowhere else to go.

The City of Parksville would be able and encouraged to charge fees at any fast charger.

Municipalities and businesses of Mid-Vancouver Island spend considerable amounts of money every year to attract tourists. Increasingly, those tourists are going to be driving EVs, and their destination will often be chosen based on their ability to find charging infrastructure in place such as the available fast charger in Qualicum Beach.

John O’Brien

Director, Mid Vancouver Island

EV Association

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