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LETTER: Real Santa appears in Qualicum Beach

I, along with an undetermined number of other residents of our little Qualicum Park Village, answered our doorbells on Christmas Eve to a real live ‘Santa’ standing on our doorsteps.

Dressed in a professional theatrical grade white trimmed red Santa suit, complete with knee length black boots and sporting a big white bushy beard, haughtily bellowing a “Ho, Ho, Ho” and “Merry Christmas, “Merry Christmas”

A quick fist bump followed, and with an outstretched hand offered a Christmas greeting card, then ‘Santa’ quickly disappeared into the darkness.

It was only upon opening the envelope that I discovered, as did other tenants, a crisp $100 bill.

A brief enquiry as to the possible identity of this Christmas angel quickly revealed he (she) preferred anonymity. So, reluctantly respecting this distinctively honourable gesture, may I then simply say how deeply grateful we are for your selfless generosity whoever you are.

With the isolation and cruelty caused by COVID and despairing of family closeness and affection, many of us feel isolated, some depressed, others alone and lonely with families living out of province.

Can you imagine what your selfless, generous deed, expressed in the truest possible meaning of Christmas spirit and love, meant to us?

Much love and God bless you.

Thank you, not only for your generosity, but also for your overwhelmingly beautiful gesture.

Randall Crossley

Qualicum Beach

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