LETTER: Spare a thought for others in difficult times

LETTER: Spare a thought for others in difficult times

The world has got a problem

And now it’s hit our shore,

And shelves are being emptied

At the local grocery store.

It’s called coronavirus

It’s hit us hard and fast,

And now we have to wonder

How long this plague will last.

With people in a panic

They headed for the store,

Bought up all the toilet rolls

And filled their carts with more.

So now in isolation

We can shop no more,

I’ve never seen the like of it,

Not even in the war.

We now have to stay at home

That’s a well known fact,

No partying or gatherings

No chance to interact.

Everything is closing down,

The world has gone to pot,

No more meeting up with friends

At your favourite luncheon spot.

If everyone obeys the rules

Then maybe we will see,

An end to this Corona thing

And hope for you and me.

All you younger people

Who think you are immune,

Spare a thought for others

And sing a different tune.

Avis Barr (age 97)

Qualicum Beach

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