‘Sheep’ follow their climate saviour

‘Sheep’ follow their climate saviour

I heard that the Scandinavian teenage climate saviour was coming to Vancouver to disrupt the city.

I find it unbelievable that so many people follow her blindly without giving thought to who is funding and coaching her, where she got her “infallible” knowledge and what the consequences would be of achieving the “zero” emissions that she advocates.

Did she swim over here from Scandinavia, and how does she travel around here with zero emissions? Are people really so naive that they don’t realize that in order to achieve zero emissions they would have to give up their cellphones (the ultimate sacrifice), their mode of transportation even if it is a bicycle, their homes, their supermarket, their factory made clothing and even our hospitals and marijuana outlets (oh no)?

Are they ready for homespun clothes (perhaps they are already practising with their holy jeans?) and will they be able to grow and cook (without emissions) their own food, live in a dwelling without central heating and electricity that they must construct themselves?

Yet the sheep (who don’t appear to have to be at work) will be out there chanting and disrupting the city and causing more pollution because so many cars are idling and driving around trying to avoid the traffic jams that they are causing. And even some of our elected officials are singing her praises.

Go figure.

Hans Rysdyk

Qualicum Beach